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Russian Federation Age Debut: 21


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Photos with Gracia

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Sad day Sadie 3 weeks ago


You are an invigorating, enchanting and intoxicating breath of fresh air. Really and truly like pure oxygen. To all my interpretive senses, you are completely and utterly attractive. There is only one thing that I would change and it is but an infinitesimal change. That you were mine to have and to hold from this day forward.


MX338 3 weeks ago



Johannes BLT 3 weeks agoLifetime member

Top, Top, Top in every way! Sexy eyes (most important), sexy mouth, incredible body, beautiful skin and a great photographer. More won't be enough Matiss, and please mix in a good number of sultry indoor shots, thanks. Your bio is delightful Gracias (very cute use of words); I can imagine that you are extremely fun to hang out with


beetle 3 weeks ago

Really true. Such a beautiful girl is rarely to see. Green magical eyes, blond long hair and a friendly face. A body, that no artist could make more beautiful. Small handy breasts, exactly my style. Sexy and one tiny breast for each of my hands. A nice round butt, a butt like a pillow, so soft and cozy.
The pussy is wet, small, smooth and absolutely tender.
Gracias feet are a special treat for me. Small and soft, silky light soles and nice well shaped toes.
Gracia is a 10 point model!


Tom70 3 weeks ago

A great debut for this Russian beauty.Hopefully the first of many galleries for the lovely Gracia.


Hipshot13 3 weeks ago

What an amazing beauty. An unimformed guess would say Spanish descent but it seems the RF has all forms of beauty within it's borders. What a great body and a face to match!


Sniksoh 3 weeks ago

Another Gem from the RF, Oh how I would like to explore the Forests of the Russian Federation.
Sweet, sweet debut:)


face n butt 3 weeks ago

more please!