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Latvia Age Debut: 18


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Photos with Greta

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Hipshot13 2 weeks ago

Five foot ten inches of Latvian charm! I do love tall, long legged ladies and when they are so bold and happy to pose for us we are blessed for sure.


beetle 2 weeks ago

The tenderest temptation. Greta is really the purest temptation. A pretty face with long brown hairs and warm brown eyes. A nice round butt and long legs. Perfect. Her pussy is really petite and the labia minora are hidden in the pussy. Very sexy. I especially like her tiny breasts with the magical dark nipples. Sensational. Sexy handy breasts, which I can take in one of my hands. So I can massage and stroke each breast with one of my hands, I love that.


Knackers 2 weeks ago

I truly hope we get to see a lot more of this perfect, beautiful and very sexy young lady, she is incredible!.