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Sweden Age Debut: 22


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Photos with Helene

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Smokystone 3 weeks agoLifetime member

Very feminine model with a sympathetic charisma.


Abby1599 3 weeks ago

Please tell me you have videos (PLURAL) of this beautiful girl?


Dreadnought66 3 weeks ago

Not for me, thanx.


beetle 3 weeks ago

Perfect. Then there is more Helene for us!


Epigone7 3 weeks ago

She takes my breath away. That is a stunning lady.


beetle 3 weeks ago

Helene is as fresh, natural and beautiful as the Scandinavian spring. Chestnut long curly hair. A smooth, tender angelic face and a few blue magical eyes.
A body that can not be more beautiful. I think Helene has the most beautiful breasts in the world. At least they correspond to 100% of my ideal image of breasts.
But also the butt and the pussy are of the finest.
Long legs and cute feet, which were obviously not deformed by too tight shoes. Tiny, soft and smooth.
Helene is a revelation and belongs to my favorites. I look forward to their future as a model.


Meat Angler 3 weeks ago

Hey Beetle,

Did you know that chicks find the word pussy to be damn near as offensive as cunt, and right in line with chick? Just saying, you give glowing reviews then throw in juicy pussy, or here finest quality pussy in the mix. The woman that was just to the point of, "oh how sweat, I think I will flick my bean thinking of a complete stranger that goes by Beetle," just blew out the candle and put her lotion away.


Spaceman 2 weeks ago

Why on Earth should a woman be offended by positive references to her genitalia?
We are all grown ups here, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.
This is not the "Victorian Era", this is a soft-core porn site, displaying nude women in the modern age.
There is nothing degrading in positive or even neutral references to the genitalia of either men or women.
I too, find both her private parts, and Helene in her entirety, to be very beautiful indeed - and I hope to see much more of her in the future.


Meat Angler 3 weeks ago

Dang, Sweet, not sweat.