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Sweden Age Debut: 21


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Photos with Helene

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Erotic art expert. 3 months ago

Stunning girl, unfortunately all her pictures are practically ruined by mediocre camera man. The sets are unimpressive, monotonous, not artistic, not erotic. The poses are boring. The camera operator has no concept of erotism in the nude photographing.


Urhellacute 6 months ago

From 0 to 2 rings in 5 sets. How I wish it could have been me. I hope he realizes what he has and I hope you are happy. You bring brightness to my day and I wish, for you, Helene, only the best.

Also, is there any chance of a video? Pictures are worth a thousand words and all that, but I’d sure love to see poetry in motion. :)


Nick101 7 months ago

Lovely large labia - but always closed. Such a waste.


Asterion 10 months ago

A Perfect nordic beauty!


doggleboon 10 months ago

Who fills in the details on these girls? If Helene has medium breasts, large breasts must be something to behold.


SouthernMaster 4 months ago

Actually, MA did it right this time. Everywhere else in the world, these are medium sized boobs. Only on this site would they be considered large.


Smokystone1 12 months agoLifetime member

Very feminine model with a sympathetic charisma.


Abby1599 12 months ago

Please tell me you have videos (PLURAL) of this beautiful girl?


Dreadnought66 12 months ago

Not for me, thanx.


beetle 12 months ago

Perfect. Then there is more Helene for us!


Epigone7 12 months ago

She takes my breath away. That is a stunning lady.


beetle 12 months ago

Helene is as fresh, natural and beautiful as the Scandinavian spring. Chestnut long curly hair. A smooth, tender angelic face and a few blue magical eyes.
A body that can not be more beautiful. I think Helene has the most beautiful breasts in the world. At least they correspond to 100% of my ideal image of breasts.
But also the butt and the pussy are of the finest.
Long legs and cute feet, which were obviously not deformed by too tight shoes. Tiny, soft and smooth.
Helene is a revelation and belongs to my favorites. I look forward to their future as a model.


Arkie 2 10 months ago

"Chestnut" hair??? I believe you are not of English heritage (at least, going by your use and/or translation of the English language) in your comment postings, but "chestnut" is a middle-to-dark brown color with a reddish cast to it. Helene definitely does NOT have "chestnut" hair.

I generally enjoy reading your comments - you sound at times like a member who is a paid reviewer. But sometimes I believe you get carried away with your enthusiasm... "a few blue magical eyes." reminds me of sea scallops. Humans, as we all know, generally are limited to 2 eyes - the word "few" denotes a small number and yes, while 2 IS indeed a small number, the use of "few" in this case is a bit humorous.


beetle 10 months ago

Arkie 2, you're strict! Chestnut color means to me a brownish red, not a vermillion. By the way, there are different varieties of chestnut. Horse chestnuts, these are darker colored and then sweet chestnuts. The latter are rather brighter.
But ok, if you mean, then it is just another color.

And the english language. Well. The english language is not always easy for non Natives and you need to rely on translation tools. Unfortunately, I can not write in my home language, the most of you would not understand that. To that extent, if englisch is your mother tongue, be happy, then you do not need stupid translation tools.


Meat Angler 12 months ago

Hey Beetle,

Did you know that chicks find the word pussy to be damn near as offensive as cunt, and right in line with chick? Just saying, you give glowing reviews then throw in juicy pussy, or here finest quality pussy in the mix. The woman that was just to the point of, "oh how sweat, I think I will flick my bean thinking of a complete stranger that goes by Beetle," just blew out the candle and put her lotion away.


Rose 10 months ago

I don't agree, "pussy" is not an offensive word to most girls. What word should he use, "vagina"? Such an ugly word for a pretty thing!


Spaceman 11 months ago

Why on Earth should a woman be offended by positive references to her genitalia?
We are all grown ups here, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.
This is not the "Victorian Era", this is a soft-core porn site, displaying nude women in the modern age.
There is nothing degrading in positive or even neutral references to the genitalia of either men or women.
I too, find both her private parts, and Helene in her entirety, to be very beautiful indeed - and I hope to see much more of her in the future.


Meat Angler 12 months ago

Dang, Sweet, not sweat.

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