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Honey Liz

Russian Federation Age Debut: 21


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JANN 4 months ago

beautiful girl , more please of her , but next time pussy spread please


kRab54 9 months ago

Willowy and wonderful. Beautiful face and lovely, lithe stature. Gone for a while now, but she would be a welcome return - certainly as far as I am concerned. sigh


kRab54 9 months ago

While I agree with preceding remarks, about an indoors set or two, her fair white skin contrasts vividly with those outdoor locations. Of course, I would have loved more sets - indoors or outdoors! ;-)


Dreadnought66 2 years ago

Does this girl have some sort of phobia about being indoors ??


Lovely Davy 3 years ago

Hope her to see once in bed or couch picture-set, beautiful girl!


Lustful Lecher 3 years ago

Perhaps we could move inside?


wildthing 3 years ago

Lovely Lady - I´d only wish she wouldn´t smile that "say cheese"-smile all the time as if it was her Facebook profile.