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Hunter A

Russian Federation Age Debut: 22


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Sten 3 years ago

Poor man - he has no imagination at all. If You are still wondering - delete all and go to ALS scan. :)


Rich 5 years ago

What's with this girl? She has been modelling for almost 4 years and keeps her pussy hidden like a protected species in a forestation that would defy Indiana Jones!! I know there are those who like to see a hairy pussy, but how can you like something you can't see?? I have a very difficult decision to make. Do I keep her on my hard drive for her face and figure, or cull her to the recycle bin because her pussy has been a non-event in 7 sets of image photography??


bombo 2 years ago

"forestation that bla bla bla"... it's called pubic hair. we are born with it. and many like it. i don't but, there's no actual need to go all upset because you think it's mandatory to shave.
i'd like if she did, but i wouldn't say she's wasted potential because she doesn't!