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Idoia A

Spain Age Debut: 25


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Lenny 4 years ago

Was browsing today, came across Idoia, and I HAVE to say: She might just be The Sexiest, Sultriest, Most Erotic, Most Original and flat out THE BEST Nude Model I have EVER seen! Never thought I'd see some to compete with / challenge ... for Best Ever, until now.

Thought I had my All-Time Best list figured out till I saw Idoia! These sets are unreal, the photography insane! Can only dream of a woman like Idoia, and can only WISH I could shoot photos like these! True artistes both, works of pure erotic, artistic genius!

Absolutely Fantastic! I think these ARE the Best Sets I've ever seen, and whole-heartedly recommend Idoia's site, which I just discovered and subscribed to today.

Better late than never! (Where the heck WAS I when these sets were being published??) Just glad I found her! P.S. I love her hair too!


Tomcat8229 5 years ago

Without a doubt, Idoia's ass is one of the top 5 asses in my catalogue of asses! All of these galleries manage to show at least 2 or 3 shots of those magnificent cheeks! I do wish she had done something with her hair (on her head). She might've been a whole lot more attractive with the proper doo.

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