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Iga A

United Kingdom Age Debut: 18


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WideEyes 4 months ago

I was hoping to find some video of Iga here since there is so little elsewhere. I doubt if she's modelling now.


el cid 5 months ago

IGA is in surpassed. Amazing.


el cid 5 months ago

Post has an auto misspelling.


Name Hunter 2 years ago

Where are the video?? Please upload some, PLEASE


ABNRanger 2 years ago

Beautiful woman. Reminds me of my wife...neither will open their legs. :-)


PalmaGo2 2 years ago

Wish we had all of Micheal White's photography of Iga Wyrwal.


Dude69 3 years ago

I love looking at the updates of models, just to see who is up next, looking for clips I can grab of innes or huge lips, its so funny to read the comments from some of these "lives in moms basement" people... I mean, who cares, its naked women, nothing fancy about it, pussy, tits, sometimes pretty faces, some of these girls are down right fugly. - anyway, rant over, good luck guys


Chris75 3 years ago

Being a Met Art subscriber of a few years (I forget how long actually) I am regularly exposed to images of the most beautiful women on the planet. Take someone like Michaela Isizzu or Colleen A, a statuesque goddess and a nubile young beauty, they are staggering in different ways. But they are both the apogee of female beauty at first glance.

Iga is somebody I could walk past on the street and just think "she's hot", yet when I take the time to look at her I am left stunned by her beauty. At a glance she is a 'girl next door', taking the time to look and she is simply the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.


scrapironjaw 4 years ago

I have admired her for a very long time. She is the visual representation of my perfect woman. Love, love, love Iga!


86lndshrk42 5 years ago

I wonder why no videos exist of Iga A (Iga Wyrwal) on MetArt. She is one of the finest women on this website, but they offered no videos of her, despite having a fair amount of photoshoots available.

Now that she is retired from modelling, I was hoping some videos would surface and be added to the website. Surely MetArt filmed some of her photoshoots... no? Lost opportunity?


FVisitor 5 years ago

The most perfect breasts i ever seen


kubrye 5 years ago

m√ľkemmel hatun tam bir makina


Sailor 5 years ago

Iga, darlin', you make me weak in the knees. So beautiful, so delicious, so full of life. Come back! Five years is far too long.


bobblehat 5 years ago

A totally stunning, gorgeous full bodied girl.

I adore the sets we have of her on MetArt it's just a shame she seems to have graduated more toward weekly advert pamphlets for half wits, a real pity.