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Ukraine Age Debut: 20


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Photos with Ingrid

Members Comments (13)


Hipshot13XX 2 months ago

A blue eyed redhead from the Ukraine? What more could a guy ask for?


Borbonicon 4 months ago

As new discoveries are always happening at MA,with hardly a week going by with yet another startlingly lovely Ukraine model coming into view never before seen,wild girl and red-hot redhead Ingrid brings joy to the heart today.


Chris13 4 months ago

As with many other favorites of mine I am so hoping and praying that someday soon we will see Ingrid in videos as well! Incredibly wonderful and enchanting super-cutie, absolutely amazing dream girl! Please, make my movie-dream come true!


WanderlustPeru 4 months ago

Wonderful model 💕🐸
More photosets please.🐣


EL Cid 6 months ago

Yes,,her smile reminds me of Emma Watson. Yummy....


BlueScarab 6 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous!


Equinox 6 months ago

Oh my! She is crazy, she is hot!


Jane Doe 9 months ago

Ingrid has my full attention, absolute honey ;)) Future star??

Put a 10 rating up & the total score goes down, grrrrgh!! I so hate that!!!


gurth 10 months ago

More please


jcpache 10 months ago

Maravilhosa !!!! Que linda !!!


doggleboon 10 months ago

She's very pretty, smoking hot body and all, but the #2 spot? I don't like to call girls over-rated because I don't want to hurt their feelings if they read it, but I'm afraid I don't think she's a top 5. Maybe top 10, but not top 5.


beetle 10 months ago

Ingrid, you are sensational. Yes, I must repeat, you look sensational. Abslut sexy and seductive.
First of all your beautiful long red hair and your gorgeous blue eyes. A perfect sexy combination.
The best, really the best, are your medium sized perfect shaped, a little pendulous breasts. Absolutley premium class.
Also sensational is your beautiful plump pussy with the hidden inside lying labia. Let me open carefully your pussy and let me pull out your hidden labia with my tongue. In the beginning very tender and then more and more intense. So that they get thicker and thicker and we can see them in their full and wrinkled beauty.
Ingrid, you are sensational.