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Irishka A

Ukraine Age Debut: 19


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lezvoyeur 2 weeks ago

One of the great tragedies of Met Art history. This woman while she looks rough and disinterested is interested as all get out. She wants to feel and touch and squeeze and be squeezed. I can only hope she happily married after this introduction to photography and what you can do in life with no leadership at all. We see in this collection three times that she is with another woman. Ksucha C is all loaded up and ready to go. She wants it. Irishka is neither aware of what do or interested. Why? Because she isn't clued in. She almost does it with the blonde but must not have been directed again. And the third girl you can just see they are trying to get the time finished and bolt. If Irishka and Ksucha were ever told to squish each others body until you faint they would have done it. Old Met Art where they didn't either know how to do it and were confused.It's a shame because that would have been the best. Can you imagine Ksucha C's breast squished? Neither could the photographer.


Pat the nice pirate 3 months ago

What a pretty girl with an angel face and a beautiful tight pussy! Too bad the breasts do not seem to be natural.


Matco77 1 year ago

Incredible! MORE please!!!


DickDiver 1 year ago

Am I the only one who thinks she'd look amazing in glasses?


Erick 2 years ago

She is perfect


semajw 4 years ago

I think the info in her data sheet is wrong! 31" boobs? Are you kidding me. I might agree with 41", but cvome on, a 5' 07", 121 pound girl with boobs like hers, is not measured that close to 30".


Colin 5 years ago beautiful.