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Ivy Wolfe

United States Age Debut: 21


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Members Comments (6)


Leslove 11 months ago

You can't beat those legs.


Barnie 1 year agoLifetime member

10 out of 10 Ivy so sweet gorgeous lovely


ThomasFrancis 1 year ago

Lets have some more of IVY and her gorgeous ass!


Pulseight 1 year ago

Ivy, I concur with both previous comments and have collected this vibrant, saucy set despite the fact that it was shot with a wannabe/never will be, dick-head with a camera.

Erro, Matiss and Arkisi are just a few of the REAL artists on this site. Any one of them will treat you with utmost respect and more like a Princess and less of an object, the way lightfoot has.


Jane 1 year ago

I am in love! Welcome to MetArt, Ivy Wolfe... your beauty slays me and I want more!


beetle 1 year ago

OMG, what a beauty. Maybe the best debutant in 2018. Ivy Wolfe is absolutely erotic. Her face is angelic with long curly blond hairs and magical green eyes.
Her body is pure temptation. Her butt is one of the most beautiful I have seen in a long time. Shaped like a pear; I want to touch and kiss that wonder of nature. Simply sensational.
Ivy´s tiny little breasts are adorable. So sexy, so handy, so indescribably cute. I want to stroke, suck and lick it.
The delicate little pussy, the long perfectly shaped legs and the feet are also the finest. I particularly like the sweet point of pubic hair over Ivy´s pussy. Every hair is seduction. It is fabulous.

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