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Jamie Joi

Ukraine Age Debut: 19


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Photos with Jamie Joi

Members Comments (14)


Barnie 1 year agoLifetime member

A real woman so sweet so sexy absolutely gorgeous


Groundhog 1 year agoLifetime member

Jamie is so pure, so flawless and innocent. Fantastic!


jmfr 1 year ago

vivement le 15 /07/2017 Superrrrrrr!!!!!


dArtagnan 1 year ago

Wow! Stumbled across this gorgeous girl only recently and haven't been able to stop looking (nor stop jacking) ever since. She's amazing, and is bringing much joy (sic!) right now!


P P Rubbens 2 years ago

Jamie Joi looks exactly like one of those sybils, you may find painted by Michelangelo or Ubertini. I allways worshipped those beautiful wise women. Now I also know how overwhelming gorgeous they look like under there tunics.
Thank you Mr. Varin to bring us such wonders and thank you Jamie Joi to let us partake a little bit in your demigodship.


EdPowersII 2 years ago

Simply gorgeous.. Nuff said.


trueblue2 2 years ago

she wears the same color polish on her toe nails as another of my favorites Veslin and is going to be a young woman that I look forward to seeing again and again here


Moonwolf 2 years ago

She is very beautiful. As much as anyone, I can appreciate the nude form of women including Jamie. She has a lovely figure. However, it is her face that I find absolutely stunning. Of the many beautiful models here, Jamie has absolutely a gorgeous face that I can admire for hours on end.


Barry Mallard 2 years ago

Very attractive model.
Spoiled opportunity due to poor lighting and photography generally.
Horrid orange cast to the pics.


Macario69 2 years ago

How to meet Jamie Joi?


Ivan53 2 years agoLifetime member

Yet another stunning Ukrainian. What is it about that place? Absolutely perfect breasts and...freckles! So cute!


SchwarzeEule 2 years ago

They probably have a farm where they grow such beautiful women. :/. Ukraine & Russia both. With how many models from the 2 countries we have on this site, I can't think of another explanation.


beetle 2 years ago

Jamie Joi is an adorable red-headed model. The cute face with the turquoise eyes is encircled by long red curly brown hair. An exciting combination: red hair and green-blue eyes.
The body is athletic and slim. The erotic back ends in a nice round butt, which leaves no wishes unfulfilled.
The medium-sized well-shaped breasts are as erotic as the clearly rimmed smooth areolas with rosy nipples.
The pussy is luscious and bright. The full and very well wrinkled labia are clearly visible. Sensational!
The long slender legs have fine ankles. The feet are small and tender. The soles smooth and soft. The toes are beautifully shaped and sexy.
Jamie Joe is a lovely and sexy model and I want see her very soon again.


Arimein 2 years ago

Beautiful debut, amazing newcomer :)