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Man, I'd give a lot to get to suck on those sexy toes and lick that sweet juicy pussy. Great set!

Good solid set. Got lost a bit in the middle but came back hard (so to speak). Worth the viewing.

Exceptional face and great figure. I would like to have seen a few more shots of her posing while standing after she took off that contraption. It looks good while properly on, but in transition to nakedness, it looked uncomfortable and the shots didn't work for me. But i'd love to see more Jamie. She IS a Joi!

Amazingly sexy set and Oh! That Beautiful Face! There's something about Jamie's expression here that makes me think she could easily turn her lover inside out with lust and "Joi".

Suprisingly erotic woman, intrigued by her very first picture in heart earrings. And the black lingerie scultural poses, simple and wow to the bed. I so wish women could study Jamie to understand the art of appeal. Merci, Albert Varin and Jamie Joi.

Hi, super but I had prefer her continue from Balcony and not have suddenly black lingerie... anyway super. Thanks both!

Outfuckinstanding!!!! Super Sexy Woman!!!!

I LOVE the standing nudes and the black undies, specially the way they came off sloooooowly. Albert VARIN and Jamie Joi have made a true work of erotic art.10 to infinity for both

What would have been even nicer was if, in the opening shots, we would have seen Jamie wearing this black one-piece just peeking out from underneath her street clothes. Ah well...

As it is though, it seems to have turned out quite nicely.

THIS is the kind of lingerie that is often times quite fun to end up "playing around" with... if you get my drift. ;-)


NOW THIS IS A STRIPTEASE! i love how she teases us endlessly removing those g string panties

K, this is what I was talking about yesterday. My second favorite MA photographer, and the lion's share of his new photography, especially with his best most exciting new models, is short sets. And here's Jamie Joi, one of his most exciting new models, and she hasn't had a full length set yet in four sets.

And if it were only one of my favorite MA photographers, that would be one thing. Instead, of my top 5, Alex Lynn, Matiss and Fabrice all are being posted mostly at short sets nowadays except when you bring one of their old sets out of archives. Which is nice ~ but I want to see full length sets of their new models.

Like I said in my reply, you see these sets in a fundamentally different manner than a customer does so it doesn't carry the same significance to you. But it is very significant to some of your customers.

Fir-I can remember when artists got 40 shots unless they wanted to run a series. So not all customers feel cheated as you seem to feel. Please give it a rest

Thank you for your opinion, Seadog. I am very glad that you and so many others do not feel cheated. (:

Enjoy the new MetArt! (:

Not sure where you're trying to go with this comment. The decision was made so we shouldn't be surprised that more and more sets are of shorter length - regardless of whether they feature favorite models or photographers.

Thank you for your input, bibblefuss.

By the way, some of you will remember in the 1980s when Coke was getting so much competition from Pepsi that they changed their formula to a copy of Pepsi's under the name "New Coke." Their customers hated the new flavor ~ which only made Coke like Pepsi, it didn't improve Coke. Therefore, their customers mounted such a campaign of protest and resistance that Coke brought back Coke Classic.

Those of us MA members who do not like "New MA" can do the same thing. I don't think that we will ~ but we should. And we can.

Fir, you are flogging the wrong horse! Jon made it very clear that this was his decision and K IS an employee. She doesn't set policy. She does what she is told to do. If you insist on tilting at windmills take it to Jon. He writes the checks!

Couldn't agree with you more, hippy. But alas... _furry_ doesn't seem to see it this way and, as you've noticed, seems to enjoy tilting at _any_ windmill in this Quixotic adventure of his. I seriously doubt if he'll change his mind and go posting comments of this ilk in the BLOG section any time soon.

Thank you, Arkie. I posted my comments in the blog section also. (:

Your opinion, advice, and concern are all very much appreciated, believe me. I am very glad that you are fine with the changes. (:

Enjoy, my friend! (:

Hipshot, I only addressed K because SHE answered ME yesterday. SHE opened a dialog with ME. I did not give her a concrete example yesterday, and today is a concrete example.

I have spoken to Jon as well, fear not.

  • EzyJ
  • 6 months ago:

I agree with your comments concerning set size Fer. Unfortunately the images which oftentimes seem to be taken out / reduced are the shots I enjoy the most - the suggestive / tease images!

p.s. For all the aggravation and frustration I cause you, K, you have all the power here and I have none. You get to accept solely short sets from all my favorite artists, and the only thing I can do is piss and moan and make a j@ck@$$ of myself. Enjoy your revenge! LOL

(For what it's worth, I am keeping my complaints to a minimum [compared to what I want to say I mean], you will note I have been mostly silent on this issue for about a month.)

Fer... much as I (and others no doubt) enjoy and ofttimes agree with your comments... I don't know quite how to put this other than being blunt about it but, in this instance, you're verging on going the way of he-whose-name-shall-never-be-spoken in posting in this particular vein. I really, truly wish you'd post this kind of thing in the BLOG section.

As hipshot said, it's Jon who's driving the bus... not K. I'm sure K neither has "the power" nor is it "...[her] revenge" that has anything to do with this policy that you so gleefully seem to be tilting at. K is _not_ "...accept[ing] solely short set from all [your] favorite artists...". Your statement all but accuses K of doing this directly to piss you off and everyone knows that that's simply not true and you know it too.

You really seem to have gone quite off the rails on this one, IMHO.

Arkie, just to clarify one point in your reply above, the one about "revenge." Goodness me, who is this fer_realz guy who would suggest that K would want to take revenge? What's his basic malfunction?

If you go back to K's original reply to my comment the previous day, she starts by saying, (and I quote, or rather, copy and paste, so that I will not be accused of putting words in anyone's mouth)

"Oh my goodness Fer Realz, we love you but regarding this topic I wish I could reach through my monitor and shake you ;)"

Now. I knew IMMEDIATELY that K was not being serious about wanting to shake me physically. Why?

1) Her suggestion was absurd. Not the "reaching through my monitor" part, but rather, the suggestion that she would ever batter anyone much less a member (the legal definition of "battery" is simply laying one's hands on another, or achieving physical contact with another uninvited). Of COURSE K would never batter me no matter how frustrated she might be, because she's an adult human being and adults don't batter each other over frustrations.

2) After her sentence, she included a "smiley" emoticon :) which is frequently used to indicate humor in online communications, where there is only the written word, not tone of voice, volume, modulation, etc. to indicate nuances in what one is saying. CLEARLY K did not mean what she said.

Likewise, in my reply to K here, I OBVIOUSLY didn't mean that K really wants to get "revenge" on anyone, no matter how frustrated she might be. Why not? She's an adult, professional human being.

I think perhaps it might assist you in figuring out what I was actually saying in that comment to look up such terms as "irony," "humor" and "sarcasm" in your pocket dictionary, my friend. I might almost suggest "facetious" as well, but I wonder... (; (Don't look now, but THAT was a humor emoticon too! I hope I'm not overloading your logic circuits, my friend!)

Thank you, Arkie, I appreciate the concern.

Ooooffff, what exceptionally erotic photos. The hot one-piece lingerie. Gigantic.
The body of the beautiful Jamie is thereby eroticized into immeasurable. The back and the fantastically shaped butt bring me around the mind.
But not only the butt is perfect. The face with the cute freckles, the lush full pussy and the bright smooth feet. A girl destined for eternity!

The second beautiful Red head in two days - minus the pubes. What a super delicious looking pussy and I just love her bum and the delicate mounds of flesh forming her anus. I like the strappy underwear too. 10 from me, well done Jamie and AV 8)

you took the words right out of my mouth, and by the looks of it had a mind blowing time with her, how good? I'm sure she made you lose control and make a mess ;)

Yep, I end up making a mess far to often, but these women are worth it and every drop 8)

Amazing! love the way you think 69! Give them all of your happiness in liquid form! It's the best way to show them we love them!

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