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Jasmine Hane

Russian Federation Age Debut: 23


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Photos with Jasmine Hane

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JANN 11 months ago

this is why I am a member of MetArt, unbelievable
very exciting photo set,more like this, thanks in advance


Pulseight 1 year ago

Jasmine, I have never before in my life, have I ever been in a threesome. And I think it's Great!! You love working with Matiss and Matiss obviously, loves working with you. A I love working with your images, the ones especially, of you presenting your mood changes. Sometimes you're a little shy, always a load of fun and frequently, Sexy and Sensual. Thank you for sharing:)


Nick101 1 year ago

This is a bloody great model - fabulous work. Also her pussy display is always startling. Brilliant.


metlover 2 years ago

I love this girl, so fucking hot, young and fresh, mouthwatering pussy and anus, completely uninhibited in her posing, this is what I come to MetArt for.....


Nick101 2 years ago

What a fabulous model. Love how the pussy seems to open so naturally. Is she always aroused?


RodanV 2 years ago

I'm betting that she's a lot of fun in and out of the sack! What a beautiful lady!


doggleboon 2 years ago

LOL, poor Jasmine. She looks great but her stats say she needs to lose about 100 pounds.


beetle 2 years ago

I like Jasmine Hane! Blonde long hair, brown eyes, pretty angelic face. Slim figure and long legs. Just perfect.
Jasmine's tiny breasts are soft and well formed.
Her butt is round and taut.
Her pussy is moist and plump. Just to lick out.
My highlight are Jasmine's sweet soft tiny feet. The soles are smooth and the toes well formed and long. These feet are simply made for licking and sucking.