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She is a Legend. My most beautiful favourite. Is there a chance to get some new sets of her?

You don't want to see any new sets because she recently got a hideous boob job. Not really any bigger, just rounder & they stick out.

I thought I would not see you again - it had been awhile since I saw you on FJ but my luck turned around when I plugged in a special date in my life.....and here you are!! You look beautiful as always.

I really missed you!

This is one girl I would really like to have seen all of!

Rockhard. Just to clarify, you are nearly correct in saying I have nothing good to say and the reasons for that are:- Firstly I pay to see good work, so when some does eventually come along it is no more than I am paying for anyway so does need my praise. Secondly there is not that much NEW good work on here now that warrants favouable comments anyway. I did use the comment section on the second or third day it came into existence, indeed I was one of the first to use it. Well I am off now so best wishes. One final thought though to ALL subscibers - There are stacks and stacks of adverse comments in the comments sections from lots of subscribers, in particular about grainy, out of focus and boring photo-sets, therefore I am somewhat puzzled why today everyone seems in self-denial.

I believe it would be very interesting to tour the Louvre with you...;o)
Many a great artist was accused in his day of producing "rubbish".

Jenni is, and has all that a real man could desire. Beauty, Brains, Body and blue eyes that you can dream about. Your age may be 30 but you body says 21.

Jenni is a stunning & statuesque beauty with a lovely face & captivating smile.

The large white panties are so very sexy and her superb buttocks and thighs are to die for....more of this wonderful woman please

Who knows Marta A (presented 24.03.2007,in the same year as Jenny)?
Probably only a handful of the existing members. There is no doubt why. No further sets-no further attention.I took notice of her today as it happens.
Jenny is a nice girl but like Marta probably not the pipe dream for all members. I'm in any rate more interested in Marta. But sometimes there is a hard difference between an abrupt ending and the infinity.
To present and extend models which are to find here today and gone tomorrow since years is no mistake,the main thing is good photography, but otherwise I miss the continuation of photosets with some nice models like Marena A f.e.(see yesterdays video) which still reward attention.

I miss relevant & coherent comments!!

Look at yourself. Is there any gallery or comment without your "relevant & coherent" comments or replies today, the last days or months? Or remember your absurd mucuos Mr.Nice Guy correspondence with a Fata Morgana of a beloved photographer in the distance. Maybe testosteron stimulated your affectation to impress too much.

Relative to the irrelevant comment mmaybe it's your IQ problem if you miss the point.
It's simple. Marta or Marena have one or too little sets and your dolly-bird Jenny has in my view adequate long ago. You can answer back but that's the coherence to the set and the reason to
h a z a r d the comment.

I'm in doubt if you're able and authorised to judge what's
"relevant" here. It seems as if it would bring you more feeling of pleasure to rile others with blabber than to go over the sets.

I am in agreement on the HALL OF FAME. Great idea.

Four models inducted per year to the hall (prevents over crowding).

Voted in by membership.

Must have minimum 25 sets or movies to their credit to qualify? (prevents newcomers and one-set-wonders from edging out the "talent")

25 is a bit high dread... Some of the best looking models that have been here a few years don't have that many. I limit my collections to 20 sets of any model... "Over exposure" can be a bad thing. Also...this "Hall of Fame" idea may lead to unexpected consequences...like turning this into a "competition". Is that what we realy want here?? With such diversity of styles, a competition would be ludicrous...;o) Plus they'd never allow it..lol

Number of times in #1, Total number of times in the top ten.

all time beautiful face of met.

I could nibble on those beautiful ass cheeks for hours on end...

My first impression is in agreement with most poster that Jenni A still has "it". In some ways the set is almost retro with the bra and panties being "real". The shots are classic style. She still projects to the camera well. But now my "rant". Twice in her career here Jenni A has made it to the "Top 10" for several shoots in a row. Now if you look in "Top Models" you cannot even find her. Following up on a post I did last week, we need a new tab for models like Jenni A, Caprice, Paloma, etc. that reflect their gaining, in Jenni A case, not once but twice having a string of "Top Ten" sets. It would also be nice if when you click on the models name and get the "details" on her if the would add two things 1. Current Rating position, and 2. No of appearances on Met-Art. Since when we click "Show Profile" they are all shown I guess we could count them but it would be easier if they told us there. I would like to see some other comments about my idea for a "Hall of Fame" and suggestions on the criteria for a model to be listed there. By the way, remember that those of us that have been here for years have lived thru many changes in Met-Art. Some good, e.g. this comment ability, some not so good, e.g. Adams having to slow down on his blog because of his new duties on SexArt and probably other new sites added to the network. Do not consider tintin an asshole because "in his opinion" it has developed in way that he doesn't like. I think he is wrong to assume that MetArt is concern about "losing" some of us old hands because it is still No. 1 and growing. Some of his reasons may actually present valid point but Met-Art has stayed No 1 by "evolving". Hipshot 31 has made it clear he isn't into tattoo's and piercing but he acknowledges these are here because the models now are accepted with them. We had a significant discussion over at SexArt about a heavily tattooed models use. The consensus was "Hot" is "Hot". So no photoshop BS, let it show. So my advice is chill out and trust MetArt to do whatever is necessary to stay No. 1. If you miss it after bailing out, you can always come back and because of the way it is presented, "Catch up". Well, enough for now.

swp - There are all sorts of things you can do with a database. You could look up models by hair color, height, breast size, pubic hair, anything if someone wanted to take the time to input it. The data has to be accurate for it to work, and there is a problem with accurate model bio's already.

I agree with "let it show" on tattoos, I've made my stance clear here that I hate photoshopping or airbrushing of photos. Give me the real deal.

About catching up, sometimes that doesn't work here the way MET goes out and deletes sets, even entire models, weeks later. That happened to me with "Elisabeth A" who was posted five times from 10/2012 to 2/2013. I lost a hard drive and when I went to get it back two months later, the whole model was wiped out - all sets and references gone. Just last week, a set with Karina O was posted in the morning and gone in the afternoon. It's weird and you can't get a straight answer about why. So you can't trust that everything will still be there if you came back.

In absolute agreement about a 'Hall of Fame'.
It amazes me that models like Altea, Iveta, Jenni etc. slip so far down the list, just because they are not 'modern' (for lack of a better descriptive term).

The main reason they slip in ratings is because of the volume -- they don't shoot enough sets to generate their numbers.

Most of your "top" models shoot once or twice a month. The ones that don't shoot -- don't score.

dread...there's no way of knowing how many sets of any model are in the archives "waiting" to be posted. The ones that "don't score" may be the ones that "aren't posted as often"... They may shoot plenty of sets, but if they don't get posted, we don't see them and the score drops... There's lots of factors at work here. A perfect example of this is Gabriel A. She had one set posted until I 'begged' for more, and all of a sudden there were two more in rapid succession... thankfully!! If they posted all sets received immediately, we'd be getting a LOT more 'updates' than four per day... They archive most and we get what they post, based on who knows what... I wish it were as simple as you make it sound. ;o)


A CLASSIC and enduring beauty.

Anyone who bitches about her doesn't know a woman when they see one.

"Bitch bitch bitch..this bitch is FINE!!!" LOL ;o)
(I 'know' them when I see them...I just forgot what to do with them...)

This girl has it all.She´s 30.So what? Is it better to watch all those
insustancial faces of 18 year olds who seem to have been manufactured
in the same factory? This girl´s smile is disarming.She´s one of a kind.
The set is in the filler category,but Jenni is simply stunning,imho.

The seller

Still like Jenni A. Very nice.

This very pretty model has done some really very good photo-shoots in her time but never with this photographer and hardy ever on this site at all. Is this another case where this site publishes sets that fall short of the higher standards other sites demand? Although she is stunning, that still does not make up for such a mediocre and rather poor photographer. Indeed before viwers, who are obviously happy with receiving any old crap dished out to them, start marking this comment down, why not contemplate first why this set (at the time I wrote this) is in the lowest half a dozen scores out of the last 42 sets. Tomorrow (or it may be today due to the time difference between countries) is my last day on here and over the last week or so I have weighing up whether to renew my subscription at the discounted rates (a subscription to this site I have renewed on-going for many many years until now), or not. The last set by Paromov and this set plus other recent rubbish sets published here have convinced me that volume (which this site does well) does not compensate for poor boring crappy sub-standard photography (which this site does exceedingly well). In short the good work of about 7 or may be 8 photographers is marred by the rubbish work of all the other photographers. Thus I will not miss this site but hopefully in a year things may have improved when this site eventually starts determining why so many long standing subscribers are not renewing their subscriptions (see numerous previous adverse comments from many many viewers). Finally some Arse H. on here previously stated that I should mind my arse from the door when leaving (or some pathetic comment like that), to which I now reply - yes I will and with the next 12 months subscription fee safely in my pocket to spend elsewhere.

We damn sure won't miss your long-winded dribble.. Oh wait...I won't be here either!! LOL But it's economics in my case, not delusion.

rockhard - long-winded, maybe you are right. However I post comments far less frequently than others who seem to post comments on just about everything. In the past hour or so, I have just done a quick audit of all my comments. It rather Looks like my comments seem to be in tune with most who vote on them as they are either the highest scoring, or one of the highest scoring, comments on just about every set. There is very little I will miss about this site, especilly as most of the models do feature elsewhere anyway, and I certainly will not be missing the actions of most of the subscribers who score on everything but are too spineless to comment on anything. Whatever YOUR views, at least you did post comments once in a while (or maybe a tad more frequently), it is just a pity that the majority of other subscribers did not do likewise. Had they done so, then maybe less crap photography would have been published on here over the last eight months.

LOL "once in a while"!? Or "a tad more frequently"? Scarcely a set goes by that I don't comment on. If not the set itself, I comment on 'comments' as well...quite often. I'm here to enjoy what the site has to offer, and take acception to comments that are ill-considered or just plain bullshit...in MY opinion. It seems to me that you didn't start commenting right away, when the feature began, but when you did you almost always complained about something and went into these lengthy rants. It got old and I got tired of seeing you tear down the site and the artists for, what I considered, trivial matters. You seem to be pleased by just about nothing here, and have never tried to hide that fact. And if you look more carefully, you'll discover that your negative comments get many more "thumbs down" (score??) than they do thumbs up. But I don't necessarily consider that a bad thing...I get plenty of thumbs down myself. "Crap photography" like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. And all the comments in the world aren't going to change the way they do things here. They MAY change an artist's idea of what we want here, but not their basic style of photography...as it should be. But now I've become a bit long-winded myself, so I'll just wish you well in your search for what pleases you, you've made it crystal clear that nothing here does...ciao!

Bye, We won't miss you either!

hipshot131. And you will continue receiving boring substandrd out of focus crappy photography and which is so crap it woud not be shown elsewhere and which has now become the hallmark of this site. Welcome to it, as I will not be shedding any tears for you either.

Ok so at lease share with us what site(s) you believe are better.... Waiting... Yeah, I thought so.

You'll be back.

Favorito - Yes I can name many and actually now subscribe to two in where out of focus crappy photography is a rarity. In NONE of my postings have I ever refered to another site by name unless it is part of the Metart network of sites which this site promotes - in which case it is fair game. It would be rude and unreasonable for me to do so (us Brits are reasonable in matters like this) and for sure I am not going to start now. Regarding your last three words well I would not bet on it and I have not and will not be availing myself of the free trial offers either. Moreover when Brits say they will do something, or not do something, as the case may be, then unlike another nationality I could name, they usually honour and do as they say.


The seller

Yes, I agree. Jenni DOES still have it. What a woman!

Jenni is beautiful. I have always liked her beautiful big butt. She has a radiant smile which is usually on display. Thanks to both Jenni and Leon.

This is WOMAN! No wispy little waif here. Jenni has substance sculpted into absolute perfection. She gorgeous from that lovely blond hair down to her lovely feet. If you can force your eyes into leaving that magnificent face you will find the most magnificent body imaginable. There isn't an ounce of fat and yet not a bone showing. Blond Goddess is an apt description.

Lovely set nice photography and fantastic posing. I don't see how anyone could leave this set without big smile on their face.

Jenni still has it?! Of course she does. She's only 30 or so, just this side of jail bait age. That beautiful bottom will resist gravity for many years to come. Welcome back, honey.

Is this the resurrection of Jenni?
First a gorgeous set at EA, now one at Met.
She's still as beautiful as ever.
I really hope to see more new, fresh sets.

Jenni still has it !!

You better believe it! Glad to see her again.

Y lo quiero! ;) Pretty Girl!

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