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Jennifer Love

Australia Age Debut: 26


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Chris13 3 months ago

I´d so LOVE to see Jennifer again! More movies, please!


P P Rubbens 1 year ago

Dear Jennifer, love,
For three photo sets and two movies you treated us quite well-behaved and a bit restricted, like our friendly neigbour's wife. Please, as hot as you made us, now that your husband is away, let us accompany you into your bedroom and get into your knickers.


Hodnr 1 year ago

Top Class.


James G 1 year ago

More please.


beetle 1 year ago

A real goodess. Jennifer is exactly my taste of girl.
The beautiful blond curly hair frames a gentle, sensitive and delicate face with warm Brown eyes.
Small handy breasts and a fantastic full moon. Just awesome.
Small moist pussy with fluffy pubic hairs around. To die for.
Long Slim legs and feet like the feet from Cinderella. Petit and well formed, silky and smooth. At the tiny toes I want to suck. Absolutley adorable.