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Jia Lissa

Russian Federation Age Debut: 20


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PoppaChubbs69 3 months ago

I will have this woman as my wife at which time I will make love to her in every possible way so I can experience the absolute beauty and body of this goddess....


lastoftheV8s 1 month ago

Good luck with that.........not.


Lexg 6 months ago

10-4 day good buddy, four quality chicks.


HaleHortler 8 months ago

I love the pale QTs in general. She is a particularly fine one.


JANN 9 months ago

beautiful girl, but not much exciting photo's


face n butt 1 year ago



Hipshot13XX 1 year ago

I'm in LOVE! That small patch of hair on her mound seals it for me! Exquisitely pretty, natural redhead and and super easy on the eyes! I couldn't ask for more!


Madjacker 1 year ago

Same here my friend. that patch of beautiful red hair on her pale white mound drives me crazy. SO hot!!!


EL Cid 1 year ago

Spectacular beauty!


Pabsmear 2 years ago

All i can say!


Digger 2 years ago

A reincarnation of my first love. Unbelievably beautiful. Same hair same eyes different body. PHEW again and again. She's got my love. Best of the best.


semajw 2 years ago

I love it when the rug matches the drapes!!!


Madjacker 1 year ago

Likewise!!! especially when they are the color of this girl's drapes!!! my god her hair is beautiful


Nebelfrost 2 years ago

Beautiful girl, but no jawdropper. I would give her an 8.5 out of 10.


Anonymity 2 years ago

So hot it hurts


beetle 2 years ago

Tender girl, vulnerable and pure. This is Jia Lissa.
Red hair and green eyes, an incredibly mysterious combination. Wow.
Sweet little breasts, pale skin, wonderfully shaped round butt, long slender legs. Jia is absolutely erotic. I especially like Jia's fluffy red pubic hair. The pubic hairs are so sweet and cute, that I want to caress them and pluck them. Heavenly!


Madjacker 2 years ago

Jia is Spectacular! She has one of the prettiest pussys I have ever seen!!!
The red hair and pink lips make for a uniquely beautiful vagina. Great butt and anus too.....

The color of this girl's hair is stunning, especially on that pussy of her's. Pretty face too.... :)

More of her asap please. Very arousing girl!!!!


Madjacker 1 year ago

This girl still blows me away... beautiful

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