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Russian Federation Age Debut: 24


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Photos with Kai

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hipshot131 4 years ago

Amazing job Katya, Those photos make her look so long and lean even though she isn't that tall. She has a very elegant body. Powerful full legs that look so long in some shots and not in others. The jeans were the perfect touch to make here look taller than she actually is. Highlighting her long elegant neck and superb body. Another wonderful model shot in the elegant feminine style you have created. I would not have needed the header to know that this was your work. Your style is uniquely yours and that is very much a complement. Kai is perfect for your style. She reminds me very much of Sabina B.

Lovely set.


little wanker 4 years ago

A bottom lovers delight....................


DoctorC 4 years ago


You've done it again. Another beautiful, sensuous woman photographed wonderfully. Thank you for all your work.