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Ukraine Age Debut: 25


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Films with Kalena

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Louis41 3 years ago

Kalena gets me off!


MarkusluvSofi 4 years ago

Kalena & Melena have become my recent favorite women. They both have traits of a woman I have a crush on in reality, well ok maybe 2 women I know. And there names almost rhyme too.

I'm anxiously awaiting more sets from this sexy Kalena.


Delightian 4 years ago

Perfect model! Yes! But the film in fact starts after 2'25", when this perfect girls starts to get naked. Waste of many megabytes... First part is simply boring... Well, this movie should show her more, more walking, more posing, some kind of dance perhaps? I know, this is not only Met, but Met-Art, and I do love the "Art" part very much, but please, let it be a reasonable amount of Met in every Art here...


5seadog 4 years ago

I want lots of photosets and movies. A fabulous girl needs to be thoroughly explored. I hope to see her at the Czech Republic's fabulous beaches soon, or at least at the Black Seacoast, without a swimsuit (being a dirty old man in my better moments)


MarkusluvSofi 4 years ago

sexy, and starting the modeling at a likeable age too. 25 + is my range, more likely the girl has her own life worked out at that age.


MarkusluvSofi 4 years ago

started out liking busties most here, but lately It's more about face and overall body. As long as the breasts are natural. She has some other likable traits, those kissable lips, that flowering labia, that beautiful long black hair, those deep hazel/brown eyes, and that butt she knows how to show off so sexy.


valbuena24 4 years ago

very beautifull a lot charms :)


uuusssee 4 years ago

Screaming model!
Waiting for the first photoset!