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Russian Federation Age Debut: 24


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Treasure hunter 9 months ago

I like stumbing on o sweet hottie. This one is my treat for the day. Metart knows how to present the finner things in life.


ClassyMeets 1 year ago

Pls, more vidoes of Kalisy... but pls make videos without the overly yellow undertone. Seriously, look at her cover photo... she has a BEAUTIFUL skin. I just melt when I look at this beautiful model. For future videos, pls, don't make videos with a bright background like a bright window. I truly appreciate feminine beauty and I don't like us to squander every opportunity to behold one like Kalisy. No bright backgrounds pls.


2Shy45 2 years ago

Kalisy is super hot. Right up there with Irina J.


zikay 2 years ago

这个妞的身材实在棒极了,非常喜欢。脸长得稍微有些老,不过有熟女风。她在MetArt Networks上我能找到的所有东西我都下载了。


zone 2 years ago

Spicey. What a crime it is she is not rated higher. Sexy thing.


French kiss 3 years ago

Perfect women... I love you Kalisy ;)

Quel sourire enjôleur, quelle prestance, quel corps splendide... superbe !!!


fer-realz 3 years ago

Kalisy also appears as "Mandy" on


big bass man 3 years ago

Absolutely gorgeous is so many ways, too many to list! Movies would be super!


rowdy_555 3 years ago

wow.... amazing beauty and incredible bang bang body.... i love Kalisy .. woop woop


Hawk182 3 years ago

Would love to see more of this beautiful girl! Great body and smile!


Michael1185 4 years ago

Nice tits, fine ass, pretty smile


TomMan70 4 years ago

Long legs and a great ass to go with a incredible body.This girl is great.


Beauty Admirer 4 years ago

A beautiful girl with a beautiful well- toned body and she knows how to show it. And her ass is as perfect as perfect can be. Wow to this hot chick.

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