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Katy N

Ukraine Age Debut: 23


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Members Comments (5)


Sudheerk75 2 months ago

Epitome of how a Metart girl should be


doggleboon 3 years ago

Fantastically fit, killer legs and ass!


ProctorGuard 4 years ago

How does this ultra-fit woman only have two sets?!?!! If there are more sets lying in the archives, I say they should be brought out immediately!


H WU 4 years ago

Very beautiful girl.I just wish to see more of her.


Rich 5 years ago

Katy is more than just an adorable bird with beautiful eyes, sultry smile, great breasts and stunning pussy:-) A multi-talented young lady, she's also a runner. Don't just love those slender ankles, and look at those fantastic calf-muscles, the tone of her thighs - wouldn't I just Love them keeping my ears warm:-)

Then Natasha turns this sexy, sensually divine Goddess into an attractive store window dummy. Grrrrrr!!!!!:-((