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Katya T

Russian Federation Age Debut: 18


Member Rating based on 2829 ratings

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Members Comments (7)


shay 9 months ago

i am falling inlove hard


lastoftheV8s 1 year ago

Katya has the most sexy body.


Haden 2 years ago

I'm a big fan of Katya! Are there any unreleased material?


Sten 3 years ago

I don't understand this low rating. She is very, very beautiful and the sets aren't over edited.


whiskyjohn 8 months agoLifetime member

I find that a number of the young ladies photographed by Volkov are given what I consider undeservedly low ratings. While my own ratings tend to be slightly lower that the overall averages (with the obvious exception of the occasional 10), I find that for Volkov's girls, I tend to rate significantly over the group average.

I guess my tastes are a good match for this photographer's.


Artista 3 years ago

Yes, I believe that she is super beautiful but not only that I must say that she is so unique to the whole world. Her breast is just more that beautiful and perfect. The shape of her boobs are incredibly saggy and erotically attractive, her areolas are just rare and amazing. Her areolas are very pale pink almost white coloring. So she has a perfect and rare combination that makes her to be one of a kind woman I would love to see more and more of this unique girl...


lastoftheV8s 3 years ago

Her sets are from the days prior to the rating system that's why she has a low rating few votes. I agree she is easily one of the sexiest women I've seen.