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Kay J

Ukraine Age Debut: 20


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lastoftheV8s 3 months ago

After extensive research I home come to the conclusion that Kay's booty is definitely the one that the pirates of yore were thinking of when they said "give me your booty"


Anon89 4 months ago

I see the tag “asshole shy” for this dear girl. Gladly she proudly displays her adorable anus in many images!


EL Cid 4 months ago

Not sure I understand why, but Kay J has a unique appeal I rarely see in models. Please share more photos of her. Everything about her is extraordinary.


Sprari_Jr 7 months ago

A solid 9+. Pretty face, nice smile, good enthusiasm and a sexy pair of toned legs.


Starfire 7 months ago

Hot-sexy Kay J returning. Awesome.


Starfire 10 months ago

Love to see more and more of sweet Kay J.
Big fan of hers.


Klove 11 months ago

Kay is simply the best. Such a pretty body and sweet personality. She really knows how to display herself so generously. I love Kay.


CommanderRiker 11 months ago

Reminds me a girl I dated back in Starfleet academy. That was before I met Deanna of course.


Art lover 1 11 months ago

Mind numbing monotonous sets. The camera man and content manager are interested rather in quantity than quality.


Its.Me 1 year ago

This is the one girl that absolutely drives me crazy! And that model test video with her in the stilettos! OMG!!! She needs to do more stuff in stilettos! Her feet are as hot as the rest of her! This is my go to girl that I can't quit looking at her vids and pic sets! LOL


Its.Me 1 year ago

I have to go back to her feet! But something about them that drives me crazy! All of her drives me crazy but I love a pretty girl with beautiful feet! More stilettos PLEASE!!!! LOL


Its.Me 11 months ago

Thank you for more of Kay J in stilettos! SWEEEEEET!!!


DiegoS 1 year ago

Over a year for a new set? come on! She's among the finest girls on the site, she should be well over 50 sets already!!


Art lover 1 1 year ago

Very cute girl, unfortunately there is nothing to download and enjoy due to indescribably monotonous and dull camera work.
Alex Lynn and Arkisi tried their best to ruin all sets with monotony.


Starfire 1 year ago

Love Kay J.
Please have her return as often as she can in 2018.

Om te aanbidden, zo mooi!


gemini 2 years ago

Face, breasts, butt, legs, puss... Kay J is outstanding. and her smile and eyes pull it all together. Kisses, dear!


Nick101 2 years ago

Kay ha a marvellous pussy - anybody seen any pictures where it's open for us to enjoy?


Cappy2017 2 years ago

It would be great to have a webcam session with her. It would be well-worth the money and then some!


Lots2admire 2 years ago

Kay J is so sweet- She's melt in your mouth good.................................................


LoveTheLadies 2 years agoLifetime member

I think one of my favorite things about any appearance by Kay J is she just seems to be enjoying herself in front of the camera. Always a happy day when she has another set posted.


mote_of_light 2 years ago

This is the first time I have ever commented on this site. That's how perfect is this girl. I have no words except perfect. Translucent skin is such a plus on this flawless female form. I wish I was a photographer because of this girl. More please for the love of God.


Mr Steve 2 years ago

Absolutely love this beautiful, perfect woman!


Roger 3 years agoLifetime member

Delicious...♥ ♥ ♥


Dreadnought66 3 years ago

The girl has superb breasts --

But she ruins a lot of good shots by grabbing herself all the time !!

Two or three shots in a set would be more than sufficient to convey the sexual concept -- and would not result in 40 or 50 good boob pictures shot to blazes !


jrrushing 3 years ago

Delightful 💖 Wow girl, you are amazingly beautiful, with the most alluring eyes💞💖


metlover 3 years ago

Her cuteness and sex appeal are just off the charts, what a treat it is to view her beautiful naked body and that sweet face. 10+


BlueScarab 3 years ago

Kay J, you are extremely cute and hot! I am loving all of your photos! I hope you model here at Met-Art for a long long time!


I am so lonely 3 years ago

Kay J, so impossibly adorable. Astoundingly beautiful. Great job on the eye make up these two sets, you really couldn't have made her more pretty than you have here. Her personality comes through in the photos as well, she looks like a lot of fun. Please come back Kay!!!! Can we see her in a nice little dress for a bit longer next time?


zone 3 years ago

Errr, how patient do we have to be for another set of her, Met Art ....


ramillies1706 3 years ago

you don't read the News then. LOL. Mind you I'd been getting antsy on that front too. More Kay!!!


pnwfiddler 3 years ago

#1 best ever... can't wait for the next installment


pnwfiddler 3 years ago

The best, could take you home and we'd play video games until we passed out. A total cool chick.


DeeDee 3 years agoLifetime member

What a cute doll. Please Met-Art, put her height in her bio! She says she loves to play basketball. Tall?


NightWarlord 3 years ago

Yes, I'd also love to see height included in lovely Kay's bio!


lastoftheV8s 3 years ago

5 feet 8 inches says in her bio.


herenorethere 3 years ago

Nice butt!!! More please...


Arkie 2 3 years ago

Nice understatement - but(t) too true. ;-)


beetle 3 years ago

Perfect little lady. Sensational face, incredible breasts and nipples, taut ass, soft pussy, Long legs and cute feet. Everything from the finest.


Checkers 3 years ago

She reminds me of a cross between Sybil and Nedda. The elegance of the former with the playfulness of the latter. Pretty devastating combination.


Doodaq 3 years ago

Whoa, such fine breasts need a category of their own


bernardfrog 3 years ago

So lovely model, lover her so much, aweome face, great smile, stunning breast, lovely nippels, softy butt and in two words: Perfect model

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