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Russian Federation Age Debut: 19


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Photos with Kendell

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seve 5 months ago

Kendell is a Perfect Puffies Princess Club certified member..


Rich 2 years ago

Matiss, we are fortunate for the many fresh, beautiful young ladies you have presented to us this year.

For all her outward beauty, Kendell could almost be forgiven if she considered herself a Diva. The wonderful news is, she doesn't. Honest, open, effervescent and without pretense - I think is the best way to describe her.

12 sets a year will never be enough of Kendell, so hopefully, we'll soon be seeing her on other pages within this group.

Kendell, I know I'm late with this, but Welcome to M-A and Thank you for sharing your stunning beauty with us, especially through Matiss, who doesn't forsake Erotic Beauty with rubbish artsy-fartsy work like some others.

And please do not be put off by the comments of the odd drongo halfwit who cannot control his urges to prove he's a man by making comments more suited to low-life vermin.

While I agree 100% with the sentiment, there are calmer, more polite ways of saying so.

Some think, that because girls get naked for this site, then they must be prostitutes, and as such, can't be offended by language.

Most of out here though, don't have time to have thoughts of this nature. We are just happy to be entertained by the work of a better than average photographer, and their presentation of a stunningly beautiful young lady.

Happy Association with M-A Kendell - and I mean, 12 sets a year, will NEVER be enough:)


2Shy45 2 years ago

Without being as descriptive as other reviewers, I'll just be sweet and simple: Kendell is a very pretty girl (read: she'd be a hot fuck!)


zone 2 years ago

Nice blonde model, a welcomed newbie.


ArtemisEntreri 2 years ago



Smokystone1 2 years agoLifetime member

A real beauty - look forward to more sets. Would also fit into Playboy.


dasnervt 2 years ago

einfach zuckersüß😍


beetle 2 years ago

Adorable face. Long blond hair. An incredibly erotic body with pretty well-shaped little breasts. A firm butt, a wet tiny pink pussy and long legs. The cute feet look white and soft.
Kendell will bring it as a model.