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Ukraine Age Debut: 21


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Photos with Kery

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Plainview1 3 months ago

Kery looks like my girlfriend when I was 25 yo. Wow. I couldn’t keep my hands off of her then. As soon as I saw the short blonde hair, blue eyes and nice breasts I was back in time by 20 years. “Jane” was a super preppy American girl so if Kery wore a polo shirt & jeans & tretorns or Gucci’s we would be all set! Thank you!


ramillies1706 4 months ago

Not to state the obvious or anything, but ridiculously fine breasts.


OntoMajorca 5 months ago

Kery is oh so!


Art lover 1 6 months ago

Nice sets. They satisfy both: viewers who love close ups and those who look for head to toe photos. Good job.


lastoftheV8s 6 months ago

I wonder what the cause of the scar on her side is from.


fireball-xl5 5 months agoLifetime member

It occurred when she fell from heaven!


Arthur Pendragon 7 months ago

An instant favourite.


JOHANNES BLT 7 months agoLifetime member

Hi Kery! Don't change a thing! Love your sexy looks and poses! Welcome to MA, Love you, Johannes


Rocky 7 months ago

Yes Ma'am!!! 😍


beetle 7 months ago

Kery is s perfect girl. In my mind, she is a candidat for a top 10 place. Nice smooth face. Breasts of the finest. Pendulous and well shaped. Rosy nipples. Extremely sexy.
A fullmoon, round and tight, one of the best, I have seen last time. Marvellous anus, just made for licking.
Luscious rosy pussy with nice wrinkled labia.
Long slim legs and cute feet with white smooth soles and tiny toes.


Chris11 7 months ago



Knackers 7 months ago

Gorgeous girl, Kery is fantastic and has the most perfectly shaped body, awesome boobs and such a great looking pussy, I hope she is going to become a regular here and returns very soon!.

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