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Kessie A

Age Debut: 18


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Photos with Kessie A

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tranzen 4 years ago

I love u kessie plz come back


mariom 4 years ago

Kessie poses so sweetly. Love her ass & feet pics!


Tobi 4 years ago

You're the best model at - you look so sweet - I wish I could see you in reality. But I have to say, that the Picts are so big, that I can see all the sweet details (=> great site... I want more of her...!


tyler 4 years ago

Kessie has a perfect, completely fuckable body.


Neil 5 years ago

I am spending time viewing Kessie's photo sets while I wait for her new set by Catherine in 17 hours. Catherine has a wonderfully elegant style constructed from her talent and the model's natural, youthful beauty. What manner of dreams and goals did this young lady, Kessie hold in her heart when she was a child? Did she pose in her mirror and imagine herself to be a great super model or actress? Or did she have her eyes open, expecting no more than a day's pay for a day's work? Does she understand ther is no glamorous red carpet awards night for even the best of her fellow erotic models? Does she know that success is defined as being able to do another set for metart in the near future, or to recieve crudely worded compliments from men like me?.

Take care of Kessie and Nelly and all of the sweet young ladies with whom you work, Catherine.



Sailor 5 years ago

Absolutely mouth-watering. Another miracle from Catherine. I'll be drooling for a week.


TedCan 5 years ago


I have just finished looking at the 4 photo sets of KESSIE from 2011 to 2013. Your photographic talents are admirable, and Kessie is a stunning young woman, PERFECT in every way ........wonderful blue eyes, and flawless, smooth, white skin, which makes her breasts and nipples awesome to behold.

You and Kessie have given me my first "Love at First Sight" experience in almost 20 years. Thank you for reminding me how profoundly beautiful a woman can be.


Stretching_To_Heaven 5 years ago

You're real teen angel...and Kessie I really hope that you enjoy your beauty...beacuse you should be kissed and licked and sucked everywhere! :) PS. you're the first girl herre without a single visible nasal hair in your cute nostrils...therefore you are the best girl ever here!