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Kisa A

Russian Federation Age Debut: 20


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jojozeke 2 years agoLifetime member

There're more sets of her at Domai --


semajw 3 years ago

Tis a shame that this magnificent young woman apparently chose to step back and not produce anything more. In MHO she may have been one of the cutest little rascals that ever appeared on the internet!
I'm sure she won't be back, but I wish her well!


semajw 5 years ago

I'm a member of four different sites where this magnificent young woman appears. She is absolutely adorable on every one of them. So fresh, so uninhibited, so honestly open about her sexuality. More of her please!


solrage 5 years ago

What a doll indeed! It's a travesty that she only has two sets! (and I love the teasing! Much sexier than those emotionless robots that just show everything all the time).


rbrdb55 5 years ago

what a doll she's fine like too see a lot more of her but loss the tease