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Czech Republic Age Debut: 24


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Photos with Kitri

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Arkie 2 2 weeks ago

A true one-hit wonder.


Maskman 2 months ago

WOW. Drop dead beauty and sweet. Devastating eyes. More please, maybe with full bush?


willys37 4 months ago

Well Kitri that was one hell of a start.Can't wait to see more of this 10+ beauty.


Bearcatt 4 months ago

This beautiful young girl is a most welcome addition to MetArt. She is cute, sweet, and willing. I look forward to countless photo sets and videos of her. Love you Kitri darling.


kilroy 4 months ago

I admire your beauty and athleticism. Devotion to keeping one's body so fit as a dancer must do is admirable, and is why dancers are so confident of their bodies.

Let me encourage you to continue modeling for MetArt. From the comments today you must see how well you are welcomed on your first set. You now must have hundreds of fans here!


gaetano maria 4 months ago

Fabulous brunette


womenlover 4 months ago

The best posing model this year, and a beautiful face . 10+ all day, more please.


beetle 4 months ago

A new adorable model. Kitri has a beautiful face and a sensational body.
Perfect large round, a little hanging, breasts. A beautiful full moon and a lush pussy. It seems Kitri so tender and vulnerable. Easy sexy and easy seductively.


Hipshot13 4 months ago

You certainly did do your best and it was enchanting! I am looking forward to many more wonderful sets like this. Dancers are my weak spot! I admire the work and discipline that goes into dance. I hope you will dance for use naked very soon!


Hipshot13 4 months ago

Sorry, I meant Dance for us!

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