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Kloe Kane

United Kingdom Age Debut: 21


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Gerar 4 months agoLifetime member

Most beautiful and sexy woman on metart. Perfection.


dArtagnan 9 months ago

Had totally missed tgat the awesome Kloe had modeled for MetArt. What a delicious if late surprise.


EzyJ 2 years ago

Shame there are only 3 sets!


Redhead Lover 3 years ago

I have a new Goddess to worship and her name is Kloe Kane.


Gravy Train 4 years ago

It's a shame we haven't seen anything from her in 2 years. She is incredible!


Johnny53 4 years ago

More please!


Tomcat8229 6 years ago

Oh, Kloe! You're back! You must've been reading my mind! I check the updates every day and the first thing I look for is your name. Before I check out any new gallery I think, "I hope she's like Kloe." But, you know what? You're one of a kind! Oh, there are some real nice models here, however none have the same magnetism you have for me!

Only 3 galleries in one year?! They should have a new one of you everyday! If that was the case, I'd renew my subscription in a second! I'm happy to get one last look at you before my time runs out.

I must sound like an obsessed schoolboy. If I was fifty years younger you'd be right. One thing's for sure, you do help an old man feel young again! Many, many thanks!


Tomcat8229 6 years ago

Kloe, where art thou?!
I just saw new sets of Jenni and Gisele, and they reminded me of you!

The three of you in a gallery together would make my membership all worthwhile! Those 3 beautiful asses in one photo would save me a lot of running around!


Sean 6 years ago

Wow, what a super-hot babe.


solrage 6 years ago

Perhaps my favorite "new" girl. Finally a stunning redhead with some curves! Perfect skin, breasts and ass, and those eyes are magnetic!


Sailor 6 years ago

Kloe you are exquisite. Please come back often.


Tomcat8229 6 years ago

In my opinion, the ideal figure of a woman! I hope you'll have more of Kloe in 2013! She is wonderful!


LeRed07 6 years ago

Exactly what a woman is supposed to look like! She should be the standard of beauty in any era of world history...


fer_realz 6 years ago

I totally agree with both of you... pale unblemished skin tone, hourglass figure, sweet pouty lips, sultry "come hither" bedroom eyes, strawberry blonde hair... she's the ultimate woman in my book.

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