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Klunia A

Ukraine Age Debut: 22


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Tristan Heart 6 months ago

Hehe once again I have searched the web for more work by a specific model, only to get directed back to the MetArt Network :-P

Really like this girl so as said I did a search on her which among other lead me back to several MetArt Network sites, so in case there are any other Klunia fans here who are dying to see more of her, the following MetArt sites also features this little goddess:

Erotic Beauty - Alias(es): Kat / Klunia A (she is actually featured under both names on that particular site)
Domai - Alias: Kat
Goddess Nudes - Alias: Kat

Enjoy ;-)


Tristan Heart 6 months ago

Pardon my French, but how the hell could you guys let this divine creature slip out of your hands??? O.o

Only 4 updates of a girl this gorgeous is borderline scandalous :-P


D.Sales 3 years ago

Please bring Klunia back!! Is she still active??