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Russian Federation Age Debut: 18


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fireball-xl5 2 months ago

Dear Koika,

How I wish that you would return, I still regularly masturbate to your galleries whilst imagining I were sucking and kissing your perfect puffies, as soon as I see your wonderful nipples I just have to slap it. So thank you pretty lady for so many wonderful galleries and providing me with so many magical masturbating moments and always making me cum.

Love and Hot Kisses XXXXXXXXXX Paul.


5nake_Plissken 2 years ago

Koika is (and always has been) the closest epitome of blonde perfection according to my taste. She reminds me - implicitly - of Greta Struss (the sister of an old friend). Had I the guts to ask Greta out for a date 30 years ago, I'd still be married to her. But, alas, she's taken. Koika is the antidote to love lost.


Canuck 2 years ago

Wow I just discovered her and she is incredible. Beautiful young woman with incredible breasts. She has a sweet sagginess to her breasts with huge puffy areoles and little cute nipples. They get better as she gets older too


Judge 3 years ago

A true Met-Art Hall of Famer. One of the best!
And yes, I'd love to see her do a return set too!


Artista 3 years ago

Stunning beautiful woman. Koika's unique huge puffy areolas are just out of this world, she is a divine rendering of the universe itself. I dream met art can contact her now and bring her incredible beauty again...


Monahan 3 years ago

I still love this gal. Although I haven't seen "Koika" anywhere else, I've found her as Maria Kuznetsova on some other sites. She's even done some hard core, but that doesn't do anything for me. I just enjoy those uniquely shaped boobs.


puffyN 5 years ago

Where is she? Surely she's still hot enough for another photo shoot?


SouthernMaster 5 years ago

I love thick areolas like hers. The only problem is that there is actually very little nipple to work with. Oh well, I'd still chew on them for hours!


Lee B 4 years ago

Miss her for that reason (faint) reminds me of Trac* Lor*s


Dreadnought 5 years ago

Aaaahh! Those were the days! She was once Queen of the internet. And YES -- I too, miss her dearly. But time and gravity take their toll on all women. I wish her well. :-)


johanatcommunity 5 years ago

Is there no chat-forum on this site? Trying to find a model from 2005 and I canĀ“t find her.


C6C791 5 years ago

Koika was the first model I say on Met Art. I miss her dearly. Where has she been?

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