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Lara Sugar

Belarus Age Debut: 21


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Khelel69 6 months ago

An incredible beauty. Her smile is amazing I love in the first set she is showing her teeth. Love the braces and her body is absolutely gorgeous. Keep them coming beautiful;) and dont be shy to smile :D


beetle 7 months ago

Absolutley appetizing. Lara Sugar is a girl of the upper class. Face, Body, legs and feet are absolutley perfect.
Perfect are her tiny breasts. So handy and sexy. Breasts exactly to my taste. Breasts which I can completley take in my mouth and suck them out.
The best is her soft, white round butt, which looks like a tender pillow, on which I can lie my head and in which I want to sink.


bidnik mokovitch 7 months ago

Lovely! More please!


Tristan_Heart 7 months ago

Since admins haven't added them yet, here are Lara's other profiles on the Network 😉👍

As Ieva on GoddessNudes:
As Lara A on TheLifeErotic:


Bevoman 6 months ago

Thank you!