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Leah Gotti

United States Age Debut: 18


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P P Rubbens 12 months ago

I enjoyed every perfect or not so perfect detail of Leah Gotti in those movies and sets here. Please just go on like this Charles. Let this nice clean lady look so pleasurably dirty.


P P Rubbens 12 months ago

THX to staying true to herself, Leah allways looks gothik, even without fangs and dark lighting. I love it. I am sure Leah could infiltrate heaven with her womanly gothic odours.


rusty 1 year ago

Leah is a doll! Gorgeous ! More please !


Marabout 2 years ago

She got me high ... she is lovely ..... More pictures with Leah ! She is shy and very funny ...

2 years ago

Gorgeous model. I am looking forward to many more sets with this model. I'm not crazy about Charles Lightfoot's particular style however so I would really like to see her work with other photographers. More sets with a three light set up and full bold glamour lighting to fully capture her beauty would be great. I think she is a wonderful addition to the MetArt line up.


Michael1185 2 years ago

This first photo set was dumb.
I get the whole Halloween Vampire theme, but the cinematography sucked! It just made it harder to see any beauty she may have had to offer...

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