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Lee Anne

Czech Republic Age Debut: 25


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JOHANNES BLT 1 month agoLifetime member

Super Sexy Lee Anne... the sexy eyes, amazing body and just downright beautiful from head to toe.


vcmlb 5 months ago

Absolutely, strikingly gorgeous. Amazing legs and a perfect body. Alas, I am fairly certain you will suffer the fate of the other models with classic beauty and a statuesque figure and be gone in one or two sets. Thanks for gracing us with your presence, not matter how brief (but hopeful it is not).


Nikos333 5 months ago

Nice legs!


Daniel 2 6 months ago

More pls


Lefty78 6 months ago

very beautiful


Daniel 2 6 months ago

Nice girl


Daniel 2 6 months ago

Nice girl


KiltedCommando 7 months agoLifetime member

Beautiful! More please....


beetle 8 months ago

Extraordinary hot and sexy Czech girl. Brown long hair, blue magical eyes and an angelic face. Marvelous.
Medium sized to small breasts, soft and a litle pendulous. Big bright-brown areoles and cute nipples.
The pussy is luscious with protruding beautiful wrinkled dark labia. The butt is smooth and round with a nice bright anus. Unique.
Particularly striking are the long slender legs. Unfortunately, I could not see the feet in the first Photoset, because Lee Anne is wearing heels. But at the next photos. I assume that her bare feet are in a class of their own.


Arkie 2 8 months ago

Please... please, let her NOT be another of those one-hit wonders.


Doodaq 8 months ago

Totally alluring, & Legs & Heels!!! Wow ;)


Dreadnought66 8 months ago

Stunning young lady !

And she wears HEELS !!

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