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Leila Smith

Czech Republic Age Debut: 21


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Members Comments (4)


24eowynfea 3 years ago

Leila Smith is such a stunning redheaded goddess.


bchrisex 4 years ago

More sets please !!!


Mondaysmanchild 4 years ago

Yes, fine wine should not be introduced before its time. Leila, my wine wine, your time is NOW!


6.5x55SwM 4 years ago

I feel I must take Deltagamma to task for languishing on the presentation of Leila, a woman so fine and fair. One and a half years since photo shoot and now only presenting the entree? What were you thinking? Perhaps, maybe, like fine wine, left on the shelf to allow maturation to continue. That will be displayed in a follow up second presentation. Required!
She, Lady Leila, has the vintage and epic seismic thrust to quake even my old frame. Thanks to the both of you....

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