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Lena Anderson

United States Age Debut: 18


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10 Quest 1 month ago

I'm in love / lust with Lena and her sweet, little bottom.............Yup!


Billyboy 8 months ago

The tall and leggy Lena Anderson is by far and away the most attractive American model on MetArt and effortlessly transcends the mediocrity of Charles Lightfoot.


P P Rubbens 11 months ago

Please let me be a fluff in your crack, to be squished by those delicious cheeks. Faint...


DUTCHMAN 1 year ago

Play play with my puppy and take me for long walks all around your body!


dasnervt 1 year ago

sie ist ja sooo süß❤


FECKER 1 year ago

During my life I often dreamed of having a woman that looked like this. You could take pictures of her all day and never get enough. You could touch her and never get enough. But it's our mission to try. So can we please have a woman who is about a foot shorter than her squeeze the living life out of her with love of course. She is so tall and so soft and long that someone who isn't would absolutely go nuts on her. If you haven't seen it don't knock it. Many lesbians, true lesbians love long lithe legs and many woman who aren't lesbians become lesbians with a woman like this. Simply breathe taking.


5Seadogg 1 year ago

A beautiful set of the lovely Lena by Charles Lightfoot 10 to infinity for both, and a favorite for Lena.


LINUXmaniac 1 year agoLifetime member

Lena, sorry for my rude honesty, but I don't care, how nice You're, or what You can do in front of camera. Once You will be photographed by such an amateur, as Lightfoot is, I will rate You with lowest possible score. Not because of Yourself, but because of extremely poor quality of full sized photos. It totally ruins all of Your potential. I've got photographing only as a hobby. I was able to shoot with this league of cameras, MetArt Photographers are using and I never did such a pieces of crap, as is Lightfoot showing to us in every single photo set. Switch him, who is just random photographer from the huge crowd to someone, who can be considered as a real artist, and I will change my mind about Your rating.


ftlvr43 10 months ago

I totally agree, every time I see a set photographed by Charles it automatically gets a 1 rating. Its not the model Im rating...Its Charles Lightfoot. My cell phone takes better quality photos.


watcher1111 1 year ago

Maybe you should try her in MetArt-X and/or The Life Erotic. She would be great if invited to make some movies for these sites.


Ivan53 1 year agoLifetime member

Completely adorable! New fav!


RichC 1 year ago

Hipshot stole my doll comment. Just lovely all over!


beetle 1 year ago

Why do I like the American models always particularly well? Because they are so like Lena Anderson. Absolutely perfect. Natural, gentle and pure. They act something innocent and longing. Likewise, Lena. An absolute natural beauty. The face with the captivating views and the sexy dark eyes. The slim but feninine body is stunning. The breasts of the finest quality and the butt is a special class. The shame is divine and a passion for kissing. Legs long and slender. The feet tender and small.
American girls are really something special. And I'm no American!


watcher1111 1 year ago

I agree. I like English Speaking models the best, they are slightly more modest than in the non-English speaking countries. But, Charles Lightfoot could use some competition from other photographers with getting more English Speaking women. And, I would like to see MetArt extend the ages to age 40 for some special cases, when the model is most beautiful and is not aging.


doggleboon 1 year ago

I'd like to see older women too. I wouldn't expect there would be many who could pull off a high-res nude photo shoot that meets MA's standards of beauty, but I know there are a few.


watcher1111 1 year ago

Great Job Charles Lightfoot. She is very sweet and a beautiful girl. I do favor girls from English speaking countries, since they show greater modesty than the girls from Eastern Europe.

I do like listening to interviews of sexy European Woman. This makes them sound very cute and sweet. Seenic Videos of European Cities with the models acting as hostests are acceptable to me, not still photos.


Czaudio 1 year ago

Wonderful! Thank you Lena. Thank you Charles. Please hurry back Lena.


Beauty Admirer Ii 1 year ago

Wow! Another knockout beauty.....and from the USA!


hipshot131 1 year ago

What an absolute doll! That sweet baby face and those huge expressive eyes and sweet demeanor makes her an instant success for me. Add to that that she is 5'11" 134lbs means this little sweetheart is one perfectly balanced young woman.


jwb2 1 year ago

Measurements: 32/38/36. This probably is another goof-up by MetArt.


watcher1111 1 year ago

Read it again. Her Bio says 34-25-36. Nearly a perfect 36-24-36 LOL :)

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