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Leona Mia

Russian Federation Age Debut: 23


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Members Comments (13)


Nick102 5 days ago

Stunning model - understands the importance of an opened pussy too. Excellent.


doggleboon 2 months ago

Painfully thin. She needs to gain at least 10 pounds.


RedPilot 2 months ago

That's ok, leave her as is and I'll be happy to have her. You can go in search of some blubber.


PushTheEnvelope 4 months ago

I noticed the ring on her finger. Is she married?


Arthur Pendragon 4 months ago

Beautiful girl.Despite are obvious pleasure in displaying the lovely jewel between her bottom cheeks, it would appear the delightful orifice has yet to be penetrated.


Barnie 4 months agoLifetime member

❤❤❤❤❤Omg absolutely gorgeous stunnninly beautiful delicious scrumptious ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Barnie 4 months agoLifetime member

Omg absolutely gorgeous stunnninly beautiful


Fan1 5 months ago

Leona Mia is an instant star! Beautiful in every aspect!! Outstanding set by Flora and Leona!! 10++


Admirer1 6 months ago

She is simply stunning. Thanks, I have been waitig for her as she has been modeling at Errotica Archives before.


RichC 6 months ago

Very cute girl. Amazing body for such a small girl. Great smile, lovely shapely breasts, and a perfect pussy/anus combination.


Digger 6 months ago

Leona smiles with her eyes and the rest of her face goes along with it. Long legs, grest buns and bottom, round and perfect breasts. But her EYES smiling holds my attention. Phew.


MX338 6 months ago

Hot box gorgeous!!!


beetle 6 months ago

Hot little sexy girl. Brown long hair, warm brown eyes and a sensual face. Perfect shaped breasts with dark nipples in tiny round smooth areola. Juicy plump pussy and a incredibly cute anus. Feet of the finest, pale silky soles and tiny well formed toes. LEONA MIA is absolutely delicious.

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