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Lexie Fox

United States Age Debut: 19


Member Rating based on 742 ratings

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Collector 12 months ago

Big horn


Cristian 1 year ago

My darling, you're so beautiful! I hope you get outdoor soon, I'd love to see you on a beach.


Leslove 1 year ago

She is every inch an exceptional lady. I just for me, have this thing where I won't even consider anyone less than 5'6". It's always been a thing for me. For her I make an exception. She's not a Euro girl, I'll make that exception. She's a natural model and I would just love to see her with another woman totally unlike her. Make her unknown, first time on the set. Dress her in pirate attire and let her have her way with her. There are probably only three ladies I would let get by with all these exceptions and you know them well.


Barnie 1 year agoLifetime member

Wow hi gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous girl beautiful stunning lovely 10 out of 10 from me


footlover 1 year ago

A perfect goddess with perfect feet more pictures please of her sexy feet thanks


Whew 1 year ago

Wow, she's super fine!


Starfire 1 year ago

Lexie is an incredible girl.
I am her new fan. Request more. 10 x 100.


miwa73 1 year ago

Great first Foto-Session


beetle 1 year ago

Leslie Fox, a beautiful and seductive American girl. Petite, natural, delicate, soft and sensual. Everything about this girl is pure seduction. She is simply magical.
The face, the small breasts, the petite pussy, the round ass and the tender feet.
A girl for eternity, and definitely a top 10 girl.


Groundhog 1 year agoLifetime member

The perfect words for a perfect girl...

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