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Ukraine Age Debut: 20


Member Rating based on 597 ratings

Photos with Leyla

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Padilla 3 years ago

I need more of her


Beldray 3 years ago

Only 2 more sets out there, as Sofia on showbeauty.


6.5x55SwM 4 years ago

The start is the first measure, lovely woman is she. Off the starting line she recieved a low measure, but.. her attributes will overcome all measure. SUPREME is she, my wish is to live long enough to see her into that which is prime for her. This woman is without ends; her talent only begins to start from first view. Coach her and we will only begin to see what is in store for those of patience.........


rachsback 4 years ago

OMGODDESS!!! I am most definitely in love!!! Leyla is SPECTACULAR!! I expect to see a LOT of this beauty!! Please don't disappoint me...;o)


PDM087 4 years ago

I'm a bit surprised her rating isn't higher. I hope it is a result of this being her first set on Met Art and because it's probably a little tame compared to what I believe many members want and expect.

Anyway....I agree Leyla is very nice and I too expect to see much more from her in the near future.
Another winner from Matiss!


cheese nz 4 years ago

Wow!!! More please