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Lilian Aura

Russian Federation Age Debut: 31


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Arkie 2 2 years ago

@ 51'-4" tall... she's the original 50-foot woman of the movie by the same name. ;-)


ViRaL 2 years agoLifetime member

Hope they fix the stats, unless she really is 51' tall.


beetle 2 years ago

Black hair, black lingerie and white skin! Yummy!
Lilian is a beautiful young woman. She is incredibly sexy and feminine.
Friendly face with green eyes and a smooth skin. Perfect.
The breasts are ideally shaped and hang down slightly. I love that so much. The nipples and areolas are dark. They stand clearly out against the white breasts.
Small, round and tight ass.
Luscious, pink and wet pussy. The labia are full and well folded.
Long slim legs.
Sensational erotic feets. Well formed, with smooth soft pale skin. The soles and each toe are a small revelation.