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Lily B

Ukraine Age Debut: 18


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mcgilla 1 year ago

I'd put Lily very near the apex of Met's models, she's an exceptionally intelligent model, tremendous physical capability (dance/gymnastics/sport), understands the rigours of genuine modeling and combines them very well with the need her for erotic marketability, and she's incredibly creative. And inside her steely will there's clearly a very tender and intriguing woman with a fine sense of humor and love of living. She's brilliant, very few compare with her attributes, and I haven't even mentioned her formidable beauty. All this at the mere age of nineteen. I find her both compelling and very moving.


Eddie 3 years ago

LIly - what a lovely girl, in and out of the water. She looked so good in her bikini, we could do more with films of this quality and interest. A bikini, bra and thong/panties so evocative - especially for a girl like this. Pity it's three years since we last saw her. Bring her back - please!!