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Lily Sands

Russian Federation Age Debut: 18


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Photos with Lily Sands

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Buster 2 years agoLifetime member

This Photographer sucks. 8 photo sets, and not one good picture of just Lil's tits. Not one close up. On set 7, he came close with three pictures that was the top half of her body... But out of nearly a thousand photos, not one tit picture, let alone different angles. Hopefully a better photographer does Lily justice one day!


metlover 2 years ago

She is absolutely gorgeous, and those breasts/nipples are phenomenal, what a treat that would be.....


jwm3rdmtech 2 years ago

Very awesome model, lovely concept also art direction is impeccable. Look forward to seeing more photo shoots of her. Keep up the good work. Very tastefully done.


hipshot131 2 years ago

The first set really sucked but since I have fallen for Lily! She is a gorgeous young thing and I hope she has a long and successful carrier!


TomMan70 2 years ago

What a hottie.Lily is one of the hottest young women on MetArt.Much more of her please.


metals 2 years ago

Absolutely stunning! More sets of this wonderfully beautiful young lady would be awesome!


face n butt 2 years ago



ramillies1706 3 years ago

I think we have a wonderful new model here. But it was hard to tell with all the Concept. Eagerly waiting for a set with more Lily and less froufrou. For some reason puts me in mind of Virginia Sun - which isn't exactly bad.


MX338 3 years ago

Super Hot Box!!!


beetle 3 years ago

My God, Lily you are so beautiful. Why did she shows us her beauty, her face with the nice curls, her seductive breasts and her crisp ass not earlier? Why didn‘t we see her inviting wet pink pussy earlier? Why do her long legs and her sweet feet made us not before breathless?
Lily - we want to see you more often.

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