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Lisi A

Ukraine Age Debut: 22


Member Rating based on 1542 ratings

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Whiplash00 4 years ago

One of the most strikingly beautiful faces I have seen here on Met. I am shocked that there are not at least thirty sets of her. Exceptional body and face.....truly gorgeous head to feet.


Elduraverga 2 years ago

I agree! I would love to see more of Lisi!


Sideros 5 years ago

Woooow! She is really gorgeous.


BaggyPants 6 years ago

I have saved a higher than normal number of single pictures in a separate folder from this team. I attribute this to Goncharov's use of unique poses, but Lisi is beautiful and certainly looks spectacular in those poses.


rockhard 6 years ago

If Lisi's rating were a 10, that would be too low. This girl is amazingly beautiful and classy. One set per week would be just about right.


rockhard 6 years ago

There's a few that match up pretty well, but there is no model here that is more beautiful than Lisi!...for my money. To quote an old song..."heaven is in your eyes"...


uuusssee 6 years ago

Goncharov's best sets ever. Seems he is inspired by this lovely beauty.


bobblehat 6 years ago

Stunningly beautiful blonde with a flawless body, Lisi is awesome.