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Russian Federation Age Debut: 19


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Photos with Lizette

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_fer_realz_ 2 years ago

Also appearing as "Jennife" on GoddessNudes.


beetle 2 years ago

A sweet treasure. Lizette has a pretty face with brown eyes and framed by long wavy hair.
The body is very slender. Therefore, the medium-sized round and perfectly shaped breasts are particularly noticeable. They are naturally hanging and incredibly sexy.
The butt is tight and rather petite.
The pussy is inconspicuous and was closed at debut.
The long slender legs with their delicate knuckles are as breathtaking as the beautiful smooth feet with the light silky soles. Something for gourmets.


Nick101 2 years ago

Great figure & great pussy lips. Shame it’s closed. Let’s see that pussy open.


Nick101 2 years ago

Second set and still the lovely labia are closed! Nooooo!