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Lola Cherie

Ukraine Age Debut: 21


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JimmyG 3 months ago

she has the best set of boobs/nips on the MA, nips always at attention!!!


Ramstein 5 months ago



paulo 6 months ago

I just love you Lola. From your most beautiful and adorable face and eyes. To your sweet smile. I love your gorgeous and beautiful arms and leg. Lola you have the most perfect and beautiful breasts. I would love to kiss that gorgeous stomach right down to your cute pussy and butt. Lola you are an angel. ILY.


Starfire 7 months ago

Awesome girl.
Well done Fabrice.


Onig 9 months agoLifetime member

I can't take my eyes off those breasts!


Art lover 1 9 months ago

Finally the photographer who realizes that a woman IS MUCH MORE THAT HER VAGINA AND ANUS.
First of all, my delightful thanks go to the girl. Lola, you are unique and only one. Thanks for sharing your goddess beauty with us,, mere mortal.
And second I am really thankful to Fabrice for being such an unique photographer.
CONS ONLY in this work. !!! Good and natural color and lighting, well camera focusing, perfect model posing, professionally found balance between close and wide shooting.


Digger 9 months ago

Missed her on her first set, but the face and hair nailed me on the second. What a toned body, she must work hard to perfect it. I usually don't like big breasted girls as they are too much to handle but hers are sweet curved and with puffy nipples. Lola you have become my dream girl, i could stare at your face for hours. Thanks for the presentation. PHEW again


jcpache 10 months ago

Que linda !!! que delícia, eu não sei como vocês acham essas beldades, mas sei que vocês estão de parabéns !!!!
E por favor não fiquem só nesse ensaio, estou ansioso por mais fotos e vídeos dessa dádiva de Deus...


KENOMAN 10 months ago

Very pretty. Talented and sexy. I like her very much.


beetle 10 months ago

Lola Cherie is a very sexy girl. Brown hairs, warm brown eyes and a smooth face.
Medium sized to small breasts with thick rosy nipples. Adorable.
A lush pussy and plump labia. Made for taking in the mouth and sucking them.
The fullmoon is tight and the anus small and tender.
Long well formed legs and smooth feet with white soles and tiny shaped toes.
Exactly my type of a seductive girl.