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Lolly A

Czech Republic Age Debut: 19


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Members Comments (12)


hotte 2 years ago

I see someone followed some good advice and now the beauty is back, more than ever! Lolly and Luca, what a pair! A perfect 10 on this set guys!


mariom 2 years ago

Lolly is just like one big lolly-pop!! Need a lot more of her please.


hotte 3 years ago

This was a remarkably beautiful girl 2 yrs ago at first shoot; still is; but the wear and tear of hanging out with the doggers lately has become to obvious; leave them alone; you''re still young; still beautiful!


Wanderer 3 years ago

Sorry, what's a dogger? Is our gorgeous Lolly at risk?

I love Lepega, best set ever.


Wanderer 3 years ago

Actually Pax is amazing too.


MagicBob 3 years ago

Ty jsi taková úžasné dáma! Děkuji! She is an amazing lady~!


5seadog 3 years ago

Lolly is a beautiful girl. I specially love her eyes.


Caballo 3 years ago

Ty jsi taková úžasné dáma! Děkuji!


MagicBob 3 years ago

Ty jsi taková úžasné dáma! Děkuji! What language is this ?


Staon 3 years ago

It's czech. And there is a grammar mistake. Correct sentence is: "Ty jsi taková úžasná dáma!"


dondolar 3 years ago

What a gorgeous girl! Beautiful eyes, lovely breasts, and very comfortable showing us her gorgeous pussy.


rufusredneck 3 years ago

I agree, what a stunning beauty. Just the right shape with very sexy curves; you can keep yer skinny models, she's how a woman should look! Like a striptease next time please.

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