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Lorena A

Australia Age Debut: 30


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Monahan 3 years ago

I think she appears as Tavia Spizer on a few other websites. Can't be positive. If I'm wrong, if you like Lorena A, you should like Tavia Spizer.


SouthernMaster 2 years ago

It's her, inflatables & all.


Addix 3 years ago

It would be so nice to see her again...


dock 4 years ago

Lorena A in my eyes,is one of the if not the most beautiful woman MetArt has ever photograghed and the most beautiful I have ever seen.The way she looks into the camera is if she's looking right through you,the girl realy knows how to work the camera.I hope to see more of her in the futher.


doggleboon 4 years ago

Since her one and only appearance was 8 years ago, I rather doubt we'll see more of her in the future. Which is a shame.