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Luciana A

Russian Federation Age Debut: 19


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Lustful Lecher 3 years ago

I love Luciana's facial expressions- she must be so fun to be with!


mariom 4 years ago

Luciana is sooo beautiful! Need a lot more please and thanx :)


Neil 4 years ago

Luciana is so very pretty. I absolutely adore her lovely figure. She reminds me of Loreen, not because they look alike but because they both seem to have the same kind of happy, friendly and Iininviting face. I mean, if you saw either Luciana or Loreen on the street, they would be cheerful and friendly. The name Luciana suits her well. It comes from the Latin and refers to light. Her eyes and her smile can lighten any place.


Rich 5 years ago

Your ego, Rylsky, far out-weighs your photographic ability.


Grey 2 5 years ago

I think Mr Rylsky does an awesome job - Это очень хорошо !


solrage 5 years ago

What in the world is that supposed to mean?


Rylsky 4 years ago

it means: Rich think that if singer is a smoker - Rich will never buy any CD of a singer. because the main is person do SMOKE, not the work or art of person will be interesting after that. IOW, if the guy who create Internet was egoist or smoker or maybe even bad family guy - Rich will never use Internet.


Yellowjacket 3 years ago

Totally, comrade..

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