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Lucy F

Russian Federation Age Debut: 20


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Collingwood 1 year ago

Improves with age and exposure and ends up prettily compelling in classical lingerie - good move.


defsville71 2 years ago

When you have a young lady with a beautiful landing strip I should not be directed to cover their pussy with various pieces of jewelry and every set


Judge 2 years ago

OH NO! Another model ruined by Tony Murano! Or should I say Tony "Let's block the shot with anything I can" Morono. Really, pick a profession. Jewelry photographer or nude model photographer.


Condor 3 years ago

Lucy F is very pretty lady. Beautiful blue eyes, pretty face, and body too. She is wonderful!


Rich 4 years ago

Dear Mr. Murano,

There is much that I admire about your work here on Met-Art. Not the least, being the number of images per set.

What I like most, about your work, is the way you convert a Pretty Girl, into a full-blown Princess.

Your artistry in this area has not been emulated, copied or even strived for by any other photographer here.

The bottom line to that last statement, the "point-and-shooters" who inundate this site should treat their models less as "department-store" dummy's, and more as human beings.

That said, the 50-odd dead-heads that control Met-Art, should get "Hands off Cocks, Feet in Socks...." (an old Army saying).

About Lucy F.... Not a drop-dead-gorgeous model, beautiful, spunky and pretty open. A Typical "Murano Princess." Why then, is she now, "dead-in-the-water"??