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Lucy F

Russian Federation Age Debut: 19


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Dreadnought66 1 year ago

An absolute darling !!!

Great legs, angelic face, delectable bottom, and she knows how to wear heels and srockings !!!

Leave it to Murano to shoot her to best advantage.

A "10" of ever there was one !!!


Thatoneguynottheotherguy 2 years ago

Easily one of the most underrated models on here. Lucy F is the complete package. Cute face and sexy body. Simply put she's a knockout.


Collingwood 3 years ago

Improves with age and exposure and ends up prettily compelling in classical lingerie - good move.


defsville71 3 years ago

When you have a young lady with a beautiful landing strip I should not be directed to cover their pussy with various pieces of jewelry and every set


Judge 4 years ago

OH NO! Another model ruined by Tony Murano! Or should I say Tony "Let's block the shot with anything I can" Morono. Really, pick a profession. Jewelry photographer or nude model photographer.


Condor 4 years ago

Lucy F is very pretty lady. Beautiful blue eyes, pretty face, and body too. She is wonderful!


Rich 6 years ago

Dear Mr. Murano,

There is much that I admire about your work here on Met-Art. Not the least, being the number of images per set.

What I like most, about your work, is the way you convert a Pretty Girl, into a full-blown Princess.

Your artistry in this area has not been emulated, copied or even strived for by any other photographer here.

The bottom line to that last statement, the "point-and-shooters" who inundate this site should treat their models less as "department-store" dummy's, and more as human beings.

That said, the 50-odd dead-heads that control Met-Art, should get "Hands off Cocks, Feet in Socks...." (an old Army saying).

About Lucy F.... Not a drop-dead-gorgeous model, beautiful, spunky and pretty open. A Typical "Murano Princess." Why then, is she now, "dead-in-the-water"??