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Lucy Heart

Russian Federation Age Debut: 24


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demitrio 2 years ago

Such bedding merits a good looking female like I meant to say is she can take you on a bed bath and beyond my wildest dream


Louis41 3 years ago

She posses a tight-toned-taut-curvaceous-svelte-hard body that r-o-c-k-s!


Harry botter 4 years ago

Extremely beautiful I wish I could kiss her


lovethemall 4 years ago

Lucy, please find another photographer! These over-exposed pictures and videos are just dissolving your real beauty.


SouthernMaster 4 years ago

Three consecutive videos? Ridiculous!!!


6.5x55SwM 4 years ago

Lucy, in the sky with diamonds(old Beatles song); but it is what came to memory upon viewing this young woman. She is a diamond! Let us hope she matures, as her travels along this old round globe, give her insight as to what desire is made of..... she will precive and then excel........
a hope and a wish on my part; let us view what she does on her part..
the exciting edge of what may perchance excide all expectations. Time the teller of all tales will inform by future photo shoots, if she is so inclined.


Online1 4 years ago

I hope M-A signed her on for a ten photo-shoot minimum sign-on contract.


fer_realz 5 years ago

This young lady is AMAZING... IMHO, MetArt should give Flora a bonus for this discovery. ( :


ergo 5 years ago

Wow, what a debut !! :-) .xx

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